Improved Stability & Loading with Max & Max+ Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

QuickLoad Ramp on Max, Max+ Carriers

While the Max and Max+ have already proven themselves with innovative platforms, tracks, wheel stops, and more ... they recently have been upgraded with two features that put these carriers into a hauling category of their own.

Effective now, the Max and Max+ Carriers now have new innovative features:

BroadPull+ Tie Down Arms (in the front and the back): Two patented, S shaped, wide tie-down arms maximize strap leverage and increase lateral support from both the front and rear of the motorcycle.

Quickload Ramp: A robust, elongated laser-cut ramp reduces loading angle, eliminates bottoming out and stores from the same side the ramp loads for a quicker setup.

Compared to their prior versions, the new innovations provide even a new level of stability and security with two BroadPull+ Tie Down arms and even simpler loading with our new Quickload ramp. So if you're looking for a motorcycle carrier you can have full confidence in, check out our Max and Max+ motorcycle carriers.