Privacy Policy

We Don't Share or Sell Your Personal Information, Data, or Material Ever:

MotoTote LLC is in business to design, market, and sell the best motorcycle carriers and related products on the market. Any information or material we collect from you in the course of business is solely for that purpose. We will not share, sell or publish personal information including full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card data or any other personal or sensitive information, data, or material that could be used to identify you or put your security or privacy at risk.

We DO Use Your Non-Personal Information, Data, or Material:

We do reserve the right to use or publish non-personal information, data, or material, including first names, initials, comments, photos, testimonials, compliments, complaints, suggestions, ideas, or other non-personal material, information, or intellectual property made available by you. If such information, data, or material is used by us, it will be for the purpose of conducting our business and marketing our products as described above. Upon making such information, data, or material available you agree to grant the use of said information, data, or material to MotoTote LLC.

Your Privacy Could be Compromised:

If you post private information, data, or material in feedback channels on this website (or any other). These channels include areas where you can post comments, testimonials, or product reviews, upload images, forums, etc. Please be aware that any information, data, or material you post through these channels could become visible to the general public.