Our Story

In 1997 MotoTote was founded with a simple mission: Build the highest quality, most reliable motorcycle carriers to enable two wheeled adventure.

Growing up, riding motorcycles was our way of life. Whether on or off road, our rides got us closer to the places we loved. Through the freedoms of new roads and the fresh air ahead of us, we learned to love the unfamiliar with our tried and trusted machines. 

But getting our bikes there always challenged us as motorcycle carriers at the time were unreliable; hard to load and unstable. We needed a trusted hauler that would not damage our beloved bikes or vehicle, so we ended up creating our own solution.

One that secured our motorcycles to virtually any car, could optimally stabilize a variety of motorcycles and was easy to load. And since our start, we’ve done just that through innovation from necessity, firsthand experience and customer feedback.

Today MotoTote is trusted worldwide for heavy hauling, whether that be a sport bike, scrambler, dual sport, dirt bike, scooter, moped or electric bike.

Proudly Family-Owned, USA Grown

Over the past 25 years, our family owned business has crafted the designs and systems to develop our world class carriers, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our success has been fueled by the support of our customers, and our unparalleled business partners.

As we look to the future, our commitment remains the same: to keep you and your bike on the road to adventure, wherever it may lead.

"Since our founding over 25 years ago, we have continuously innovated, bit by bit, year by year, to create the most advanced motorcycle carriers on the market. Every day, we strive to improve based on your feedback. MotoTote is the result of 25 years of input from our customers."

Marvin Hankins - Cofounder & Managing Partner

"We are focused on crafting quality carriers & hauling essentials to empower you to ride further; with unmatched reliability and unwavering confidence."

Ryan Minarik - Rider & Chief Brand Officer