Can You Put a Motorcycle on a Hitch Carrier?

Can You Put a Motorcycle on a Hitch Carrier?

"Can you put a motorcycle on a hitch carrier?" is a question many motorcycle enthusiasts ask when planning to transport their bikes for a weekend getaway, track day, or a long-distance adventure. The convenience of a hitch carrier is undeniable, but the real question is whether it's safe and effective to transport your motorcycle this way.

Understanding Hitch Carriers for Motorcycles

A hitch carrier offers a straightforward solution for transporting your motorcycle, attaching directly to the hitch receiver of your vehicle, eliminating the need for a traditional trailer. This method's simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and space-saving benefits have made it increasingly popular among riders. Yet, the key to a safe transportation experience lies in selecting a robust, reliable, and appropriately weighted carrier for your motorcycle, such as those offered by MotoTote.

Assessing Weight and Vehicle Towing Capacity

Before you place your motorcycle on a hitch carrier, it's essential to consider both the weight of your bike and your vehicle's towing capacity. The carrier's rating (such as up to 600 lbs) does not guarantee your vehicle can handle the load. Always check your vehicle's manual or consult with the manufacturer to ensure the combined weight of the motorcycle and carrier does not exceed the vehicle's limits.

Why MotoTote Stands Out

MotoTote's experience spans over 25 years, focusing on developing carriers capable of safely hauling heavy motorcycles up to 600 lbs. Unlike carriers designed for lighter loads lacking key strength and stability features, MotoTote's products are engineered from scratch specifically for heavy-duty use. This commitment to quality ensures that your motorcycle is transported safely and securely.

The Crucial Role of a Strong Carrier

The durability of your motorcycle hitch carrier cannot be overstated. A carrier that lacks strength can lead to accidents, damaging your motorcycle, vehicle, and posing risks to your safety and others. MotoTote carriers are designed to withstand the demands of the road with a robust steel design & innovative parts , keeping your motorcycle securely in place from start to finish.

Mastering Good Tie-Down Technique

Securing your motorcycle properly on the carrier is just as important as the carrier's strength. Ineffective tie-down can cause your motorcycle to shift or detach, leading to damage or accidents. Utilize high-quality straps and secure your motorcycle at multiple points to ensure it remains stationary and safe throughout the journey.

Prioritizing Safety in Motorcycle Transportation

When hauling your motorcycle, safety should be your primary concern. This means not only choosing a reliable carrier like MotoTote but also ensuring your motorcycle is properly secured and understanding your vehicle's limitations. By addressing these factors, you ensure a safe and secure transport for your motorcycle.


In conclusion, transporting your motorcycle using a hitch carrier is feasible and safe, provided you select the right equipment, like MotoTote's specially designed carriers, and adhere to best practices for loading and securing your bike. "Can you put a motorcycle on a hitch carrier?" Yes, with the right preparations and equipment, you can safely enjoy the convenience this method offers. Drive safely and relish in your upcoming motorcycle adventures!