MotoTote's New Tie Downs: A Year of Development, 25 Years of Wisdom

MotoTote's New Tie Downs: A Year of Development, 25 Years of Wisdom

In a milestone culmination of a year-long journey and a quarter-century of hauling expertise, MotoTote proudly introduces a groundbreaking range of tie downs designed to redefine the motorcycle hauling experience. These innovative tie downs have been meticulously crafted to reduce tie-down time, enhance convenience, and ensure unparalleled security for your prized two-wheeled companions.


1. SafeLoop Cam Buckle Tie Down (720 lb. Working Load Limit): The SafeLoop Cam Buckle Tie Down not only secures your motorcycle with precision but also streamlines the tie-down process. Featuring strategically placed carabiners on all end points, connecting and disconnecting has never been smoother. The tie-down straps, optimized for motorcycle carrier use, boast a 720 lb. working load limit, ensuring steadfast reliability during transit. Integrated strap bands effortlessly manage excess slack, maintaining a tidy and secure setup.

 2. SafeLoop Ratcheting Tie Down (1,130 lb. Working Load Limit): Elevating convenience to new heights, the SafeLoop Ratcheting Tie Down is equipped with carabiners at every end point for seamless attachment. Engineered specifically for motorcycle carriers, these tie downs offer a substantial 1,130 lb. working load limit, providing superior security. The integrated strap bands further contribute to a hassle-free experience by efficiently organizing and securing excess strap length.


3. TireSling Ratcheting Tie Down (645 lb. Working Load Limit): For heavy-duty applications, the TireSling Ratcheting tie down incorporates carabiners for quick and easy fastening. Engineered with motorcycle carriers in mind, these tie downs feature a robust lever mechanism and a 645 lb. working load limit. 

4. HandleCuff Ratcheting Tie Down (1,390 lb. Working Load Limit): The HandleCuff Ratcheting system, designed for sport bikes, scooters, and more, introduces carabiners to its arsenal, simplifying the attachment process. Boasting an impressive 1,390 lb. working load limit, these tie downs provide top-tier protection. The incorporated strap bands efficiently manage excess slack, allowing riders to hit the road with confidence and ease.

5. TireBelt Tie Down (70 lb. Working Load Limit): The TireBelt's simplicity is complemented by thoughtful additions. Carabiners on the tie down end points make securing your motorcycle a breeze. With a 70 lb. working load limit, it's an ideal choice for lightweight two-wheelers. 

MotoTote's commitment to excellence extends beyond the tie downs themselves. With the thoughtful addition of carabiners, optimized strap design for motorcycle carriers, and the inclusion of strap bands, MotoTote has elevated the hauling experience to new heights. Secure, convenient, and expertly designed – invest in MotoTote, where every detail is geared towards making your motorcycle transport worry-free and efficient on every journey.