4 Prong Inline Trailer Connector

Installs easily with a standard 4-prong inline trailer connector and predrilled holes on MotoTote.

Bright LEDs

LED lights maximize visibility and extend taillight functions (running lights, brakes, turn signals… etc.) to the back of any MotoTote.

Weatherproof Enclosure & Wiring

Resin-sealed, waterproof light fixtures are weather and road-ready. Custom heavy-duty, woven nylon wiring harness with nylon cable ties secures wiring to the carrier for a streamlined look.

Customer Reviews

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Works as advertised!

Set up was a breeze with the instructions provided!

Karl Yoas
easy installation but.....

Come on guys, provide screws that fit FLAT against the plastic frame and NOT chamfered screws that crack the slot when tightened.

Carl DiPaolo

get these -- they are worth it. nice quality and safety first.

Not worth the cost

Overall disappointed with these lights. Yes the lights work and are bright but they fit really poorly. The left and right light sit at different heights and the left points slightly up. As the holes are pre drilled in the rack there is no room to adjust. Sure I could drill new holes but for the premium price of the rack plus the high cost of the lights I shouldn’t have to. Also the zip ties are too short. The wiring harness is well made but I’d go with an off brand light kit for 1/4 the cost. For the high cost of these I expected a better fit.

LED light kit flickers

The LED light kit flickers and throws an error code on my BMW. I'm told this is a known issue with these units but nonetheless, the company doesn't yet have solutions other than letting the customer know it happens with newer vehicles. Considering the brake lights are safety equipments meant to keep me and my properties safe, I'm dissatisfied with the company's decision to continue to sell them without a fix. I don't recommend this purchase without having confidence or the time to tinker with electronics.

Hi Chang, You are right - a small percentage of vehicles will show an error code. We've been unable to come up with a practical a solution. The error message is caused apparently because the amperage load that LED lights draw is so low that the vehicle does not 'see' them as connected or sees them as burned out.
This seems to be an issue with other brands of LED lights as well, judging by the popularity of trailer light load resistor kits on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/iBrightstar-50W-6ohm-Load-Resistors/dp/B07HF47RV9.
In the last year or so, the reports we receive of this issue have drastically reduced. We believe this is because the electronics on later model vehicles have been updated for LED compatibility.
For anyone experiencing this issue, we recommend you get the MotoTote Standard light kit - https://mototote.com/products/mototote-standard-light-kit

Chris in CA
Worth the money

Overall, I think the light kit is a necessary upgrade. This does provide exceptional safety, and visibility. Only thing I would say, is that the wood screws they used to mount the lights to the frame could be improved. I ended up, tapping the tubing with 10/32 machine threads and using stainless machine screws, huge improvement, also, it’s kind of hard to install the lights after the platform is installed.

Easier than constructing myself

Thankfully I purchased this at the same time as the carrier, so I was able to save $20. That put the pricing in line with me purchasing individual items online and fabricating my own kit.

The lights, harness, and plug all appear to be well made and sealed, and immediately worked. I would like to have an available lead for a license plate light, as I will be driving at night. My current plan is to tap into the harness with a Posi-tap and get the power from there.

I'm disappointed that the the included hardware is wood screws (I tapped the carrier holes with #10-32 pitch and installed 3/4" stainless steel taper head screws), and can hardly believe that after several comments in their reviews the zip ties are still not long enough. Addressing details like that would make it easier to see this as a 'premium' product.

Ammar Awaad

Easy to install, bright, and an added peace of mind when carrying my bike.

Frank Prosser

Great product! Would have given it 5 stars but the included zip ties weren’t long enough to secure the wiring to the tube!

Light kit

Manage your expectations for this kit. Some type of light kit was needed as my WR250R covered the taillights of my Tacoma so I bought this. Relatively easy to install however they provide wood screws to attach the black plastic LED frame to the bike rack, if you overtighten it will crack, and it feels very cheap. Maybe a black metal frame that attaches to the rack would reduce concerns. So far, it works after a 5 day 1,000 mile trip from Colorado to Utah through snow and rain.