Heavy-Duty Cam Buckle

Pressure plate provides quick and efficient tensioning with simple adjustability.

Vinyl Coated S Hooks

A pair of full-size, vinyl-coated S-hooks help protect your motorcycle from marring and scratching while keeping a firm and solid grip on the anchor points.

Abrasion Resistant Webbing

Tightly woven high-tensile strength webbing is exceptionally durable.

Dimensions & Specifications

Assembly Strength: 1,200 lbs. (544 kgs.)

Working Load Limit: 400 lbs. (181 kgs.)

Length: 66” (168 cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike McMulkin

The picture is deceptive. This is not a collection of SIX multi-colored tie downs. This is TWO tie downs which are available in a variety of colors. As far as tie downs go, they are fine, but you can probably obtain the same locally at a better price.


these work very well with the carrier on the back of the truck. They do not over stress the bike .

William Collier
Good hard-hooks tie-down

This strap uses a simple hard hook (plastic-coated) at either end, and one pair is perfect for using one over the rear wheel (hooking the tie-down eyes on either side) and one under the middle (hooking the bike's sub-frame or foot pegs on either side). Strong and simple to use.

William Collier
Good soft-hook tie-down

This is a quality strap with a hard hook (plastic coated) at one end, and a soft-hook assembly at the other. The hard hook hooks the tie-down eye on the carrier. The soft hook assembly consists of a hard hook and a free loop. The loop is threaded over a component of the motorcycle and then hooked on the hard hook. A pair of these is perfect for strapping down the front fork or handle bars on either side.