Step 4

Secure the Bike to Your MotoTote Mini

Viewing instructions for Mini

(A.) Check Bike Fit on the Rack

Pick up the bike and place it onto the rack. Roll the front tire into the wheelstop and check back tire placement on rear tire holder.If not satisfied with fit, adjust the rack for bike size.Once satisfied with fit, tighten the two nuts until there is no rattling. Do not overtighten.

(B.) Secure Handlebars to Front Tie Down Arm

Connect one end of tie down to the tie down arm and the other to the bike’s handlebars on each side. We recommend connecting the inner handlebar first, as it will support the bike and allow you to more easily complete the tie down process.Alternate back and forth while tightening until the bike is secured and centered.Tie off excess straps for safety and security.

(C.) Secure Back Tire to Rear Tie Down Arm

With a single tie down or an AceBikes TyreFix, tie the strap directly over the back tire and tighten.This is completed so the rear tire will not jump out.Double check your work! The likliest mishap is a tie down error.

For Mini PDF manual, click here.