Step 1

Attach MTM Platform to Square Tube

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Pro Tip (optional):

To start assembly, insert the square tube into the hitch.This will make things easier by getting the carrier off the ground and at a more comfortable height for assembly.NOTE: Be sure the tube is far enough into the hitch that it won't easily come out during assembly.

(A.) Attach MTM Platform to Square Tube

Drop the MTM platform onto the square tube and align the holes onto one end. Find the two big hex head bolts, two nuts, and four washers in the bag labeled "Step 1". Slide one washer on each bolt and guide them through the platform.Place the remaining two washers on the other side and secure with the nuts.IMPORTANT: Tighten until the side gaps are closed and the connection is tight. The bolt is only tightened when the gaps are fully closed, which will eliminate the platform from rocking back and forth.If you must know: Max torque 45 ft-lbs. but 25 ft-lbs. should be plenty

For Mini PDF manual, click here.