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Attach the Loading Ramp to Bike Rack

Viewing instructions for Loading Ramp for MotoTote Mini

Step 1: Add Mounting Hardware to Tie Down Arm

Attach the hardware in the Step 1 bag as shown on the tie down arm next to the front tire holder. On Mini Dual, next to front tire holder of outer bike.

Step 2: Add Mounting Hardware to Square Tube

Attach the hardware in the Step 2 bag on the square tube in line with the Step 1 hardware as shown. The spring tab should be pointing toward the Step 1 hardware.

Step 3: Attach Folded Ramp To Carrier

Fold the ramp, attach it to the bike rack by sliding the end slot onto the Step 1 hardware, then insert the spring tab into the square hole of the ramp. Pull the ramp against the spring, lower it into place, and release.