Step 2

Max or Max+ Components

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(A.) Select Loading Side

The motorcycle can load and unload from either side of the vehicle, depending on which side you mount the front of the wheel stop to. In this step, you only need to decide which side you prefer.We recommend mounting the wheel stop to the driver's side as it enables the loading and unloading procedure to be completed safely off the vehicle's passenger side. This is optimal when parked on the side of a road, but it is entirely up to you and your preference.

(B.) Mount Tire Track and Tie Down Arms

Now, on the opposite side of where you selected to put the wheel stop, insert the rear tie-down arm into the slot, lay down the tire tracks on the platform & align with the two holes.Insert the two bolts into the tire track and through the holes. Put on the nuts and washers, then tighten snugly to minimize rattling. Do not over-tighten.NOTE: The tracks look different, but the procedure is the same.

(C.) Prepare Wheelstop for Tire Size

Place the front tie-down arm in the platform slot, ensuring the curved section is facing outward.Lay down the two parts of the wheels stop (front stop & backstop) onto the platform, align the holes to the desired placement, then insert two bolts. Put on the nuts and washers, then hand tightens only for now (to ensure alignment of the loading ramp in Step 4).

For a PDF/printable manual for all MTX carriers, click here.