Step 2

Attaching 2 Sets of Max or Max+ Components

Viewing instructions for Max, Max+ Duals

(A.) Mount Tire Track and Tie Down Arms

On both side of the MTX platforms, insert an extra long tie down arm through both the front and rear platform slots. On opposing sides lay the tire tracks down as shown in the photo. Insert the two bolts into the tire track and through the holes. Put on the nuts and washers then tighten snugly to minimize rattling. Do not overtighten. NOTE: The Max+ tracks look different but procedure is the same.

(B.) Mount Wheelstop for Tire Size & Finish Securing Tie Down Arms

Place the front part of the wheel chock on the MTX platform and align holes for bike length. Place the back part of the wheel stop on top of the front and adjust for tire size. Insert the two bolts. Put on the nuts and washers then hand tighten only for now (this is to ensure alignment of loading ramp in Step 4). Put short bolt with the lockwasher through the back stop and tire track into the threaded hole on the platform tube. (NOTE: Layout is adjustable per your tire’s size, measure your tire and place to size for optimal fit).

For a PDF/printable manual for Max/Max+ Dual carriers, click here.