Step 1

Attaching 2 MTX Platforms to Square Tube

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(A.) Pro Tip (optional):

To start assembly, insert the square tube several inches into the hitch.This will make things easier by getting the carrier off the ground at a more comfortable height for assembly.You'll see more details about the ZeroWobble Hitch Mount when you get to Step 5.NOTE: The square tube of the Max Dual & Max+ Dual carriers is bent slightly upward to reduce “hitch droop”. The crease on the top of the tube is not a defect.

(B.) Attach 2 MTX Platforms to Square Tube

Slide the first MTX platform onto the square tube and align with the rear position/holes. Find the two big hex head bolts, two nuts, and four washers. Slide one washer on the bolt and guide through the platform. Place washer on the other side and secure with a nut. Repeat process on both sides.Once the rear MTX platform is secured, repeat the process with the additional MTX platform on the front positioning/holes. For geeks: Max torque 75 ft-lbsIMPORTANT: Tighten until the side gaps are closed and the connection is tight. The bolt is only tightened when the gaps are fully closed, which will eliminate the platform from rocking back and forth.(Note: If you plan to use the optionalLED Light kit, attach the outer MTX platform so the holes are facing rearward).

For a PDF/printable manual for Max/Max+ Dual carriers, click here.