Step 6

Loading Motorcycle onto MotoTote

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(A.) Engage Ramp Teeth in Slots

Remove the ramp from the stowed position.To make things easiest for loading we recommend utilizing a location that reduces ramp angle (a driveway, curb, sloping terrain, etc).Next, insert the teeth of the ramp into the slots on the tire track.

(B.) Plan for Tie Down Process

Prior to loading the bike, make a plan for your tie downs. It is important that they are easily accessible once the bike is up the ramp.For bikes with large fenders, we recommend attaching the tie downs to your planned location on the handlebars before loading.For other bikes, we recommend attaching the tie downs to the loops on the MotoTote first, then pulling up and securing the tie downs once loaded.Try both to find your preference.

(C.) Push Bike Up Ramp

Tilt the bike toward yourself so you can lean into it, using your body weight to help push the bike up the ramp until you roll into the front wheelstop.Some users prefer to get a rolling start before pushing the bike up the ramp.DO NOT ATTEMPT POWER A MOTORCYCLE OR SCOOTER UP THE RAMP WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING!

For a PDF/printable manual for all MTX carriers, click here.