Become a MotoTote 'Roamer'

Embrace the journey and become a MotoTote Roamer, granting you not only the freedom and adaptability for effortless motorcycle transport but also the privilege of receiving top-notch gear for your riding missions at no cost, and the opportunity to earn big commissions through your creation of quality, engaging content.

What you get as a MotoTote Brand Ambassador

The Roamer program is designed to benefit both you and MotoTote, incorporating checks and balances to safeguard our mutual interests. Given the high value of our products and the varied results from collaborations, this structure ensures a fair and rewarding partnership for all involved.

  • 50% Discount on Products: Roamers receive an upfront 50% discount on products, serving as an advance payment for their content contributions.
  • 50% Payback on Content Delivery: Roamers receive a 50% payback when they successfully deliver the agreed-upon content to MotoTote (making the entire MotoTote setup free!)
  • 10% Commissions with an Affiliate Adcode: Roamers will earn a 10% commission on sales they generate using their unique affiliate adcode that gives their fans 10% off. Some affiliates earning thousands of dollars monthly. (See examples below)

Affiliate Commision Opportunities

Audience Size: 20,000 Fans

Product Sold: m3 Carrier

0.1% Conversion: $1,000 Commission

0.5% Conversion: $5,000 Commision

1% Conversion: $10,000 Commission

Audience Size: 100,000 Fans

Product Sold: m3 Carrier

0.1% Conversion: $5,000 Commission

0.5% Conversion: $25,000 Commision

1% Conversion: $50,000 Commission

Our Expectations - Deliver & Earn

As a Roamer, you're instrumental in producing quality content that not only meets our expectations but also amplifies your sales potential. We seek a blend of engaging photos and videos, ideally captured during a simple yet effective content shoot. Set up your MotoTote rack, drive to a scenic spot, and document the process, from securing your bike to your moment of departure. Embrace the journey, capturing spontaneous shots along the way to enrich your narrative. This content is your key to leveraging your affiliate ad code, turning compelling storytelling into a tool for boosting your commissions and showcasing the freedom and reliability of MotoTote.

  • Photo Requirement: 10-15 high-quality photos and videos of the rack and tie-downs setup in various locations. Include some with you or key aspects of your page to align with your brand.
  • Video Content: Short clips, driving the vehicle loaded up, unloading the bike, and riding away.

Note on Content Strategy:

This content strategy isn't just about fulfilling our needs; it's designed to set you up for success in driving commissions through the content you create. Beyond the basic content scope, we've observed that informational or testimonial videos, where you walk through the MotoTote product, are highly effective in converting viewers. These videos don't just engage your existing audience; they also cater to potential customers actively searching for real use cases and testimonials about MotoTote. By creating content that offers genuine value and insight, you're not only bolstering your credibility but also expanding your reach, attracting a new audience, and enhancing your potential to convert views into sales. It's a win-win strategy that aligns our goals with your growth and success.