Do Locking Hitch Pins Really Add Security to Your Motorcycle Carrier?

Do Locking Hitch Pins Really Add Security to Your Motorcycle Carrier?

When it comes to transporting your motorcycle, safety is paramount. To ensure your two-wheeled companion arrives at its destination unscathed, you've likely considered every aspect of your setup, including the use of locking hitch pins. But do these pins actually provide any additional security for your motorcycle carrier? In the case of MotoTote motorcycle carriers, the answer may not be as straightforward as you'd think.

The Illusion of Security

Locking hitch pins are often perceived as an extra layer of protection for motorcycle carriers, promising to safeguard your prized possession from theft. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that these pins may not be as secure as they initially seem.

While the single locking pin at the hitch might lock the receiver tube into the hitch, the carrier itself is comprised of several components. The real issue lies in the fact that the carrier is not a single, monolithic structure; instead, it consists of multiple pieces connected by various bolts.

The Unprotected Vulnerabilities

In the case of MotoTote carriers, the carrier's platform is attached to the receiver tube by two bolts. This means that even if you use a locking hitch pin to secure the receiver tube, a determined thief could easily circumvent the security measure by unscrewing these two bolts. Once those bolts are removed, the rest of the carrier becomes highly vulnerable, and it could be detached and stolen with relative ease.

The crucial point to understand here is that locking hitch pins can provide a false sense of security. While they might deter opportunistic theft or tampering, they do little to protect your carrier and motorcycle against determined thieves who are aware of the carrier's construction.

Why Locking Hitch Pins Aren't Necessary

In light of these considerations, it becomes apparent that relying solely on locking hitch pins is insufficient for ensuring the security of your motorcycle carrier. Instead, here are a few more effective security measures to consider:

  1. Additional Locks: For extra security, you might consider using a cable or chain lock designed to secure your motorcycle to the carrier. These locks connect the bike with the carrier, making theft challenging, given the combined weight, size and structure.
  2. Parking and Location: Where you park your vehicle and motorcycle carrier is also crucial. Choose well-lit, high-traffic areas, and consider using physical barriers like a lockable fence or a security camera to deter theft. Or back into a tight hidden spot. 
  3. Insurance: Ensure your motorcycle is adequately insured. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that even if the worst were to happen, you'd be financially protected.

Locking hitch pins may seem like a logical choice for securing your motorcycle carrier, but in reality, they provide limited protection against determined thieves. Motorcycle carriers, especially those like MotoTote, are intricate systems composed of several parts held together by multiple bolts. As such, the security of your carrier should not rely solely on a hitch pin.

To ensure the safety of your motorcycle and carrier, consider a multi-faceted approach to security that includes additional locks, a carefully chosen parking location, and comprehensive insurance. By taking these steps, you can transport your motorcycle with confidence, knowing that your valuable cargo is well protected.