Loading Bike Racks for Electric Bikes with a Ramp

Loading Bike Racks for Electric Bikes with a Ramp

As electric bikes continue to revolutionize the world of transport, finding a way to move them becomes increasingly important. MotoTote is proud to offer the MotoTote Mini and Mini Dual, two carriers designed to haul heavy electric bikes up to 200 lbs. with ease. What else sets them apart? The ability to pair them with our innovative folding ramp—an optional add-on that enhances the convenience of loading and unloading your electric bikes.

Introducing the MotoTote Mini and Mini Dual

MotoTote Mini:

The MotoTote Mini is a compact and versatile solution for single electric bike transportation. Built to provide superior stability and safety with a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds, this bike rack for electric bikes offers robust steel construction and a unique tie-down system to keep your electric bike secure.

MotoTote Mini Dual:

For those looking to transport two electric bikes simultaneously, the MotoTote Mini Dual is the ideal choice. With a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds (combined), this carrier meets the needs of couples, friends, or families who want to explore together. It shares the same robust construction and security features as the MotoTote Mini and also includes a fold up hinge that reduces the racks footprint when bikes are not on the carrier.

The Folding Ramp Advantage (Optional Add-On)

One of the standout features of the MotoTote Mini and Mini Dual is the ability to enhance your loading and unloading experience with our optional folding ramp. While the ramp itself is not included with the carrier, it pairs perfectly with the Mini and Mini Dual.

Benefits of the Mini Folding Loading Ramp:

  1. Effortless Loading: The folding ramp provides a smooth and gradual incline for easy loading of your electric bike.

  2. Compact Design: Easy storage is assured, as the folding ramp is designed to stow conveniently on the carrier itself.

  3. Versatile Tire Size Compatibility: These carriers offer versatility, accommodating a wide range of electric bike styles and sizes.

  4. Enhanced Travel Experience: Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your electric bikes are securely transported, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

At MotoTote, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for your hauling needs. The MotoTote Mini and Mini Dual, when paired with our optional folding ramp, offer a convenient and secure way to transport your electric bikes. Whether you're embarking on a cross-country journey or simply heading to your favorite local trail, our carriers and ramps ensure that your electric bike adventures are as seamless as they are exhilarating. Join us in embracing the electric bike revolution with the MotoTote Mini and Mini Dual, and consider adding the optional folding ramp to elevate your loading and unloading experience. It's the ultimate combination of convenience, security, and style in electric bike transportation.