Can You Put a Dirt Bike Carrier on a Car?

Can You Put a Dirt Bike Carrier on a Car?

For adventure enthusiasts with a dirt bike, finding a convenient way to transport your bike using your car is crucial. Whether you're heading to remote trails or racing events, the logistical challenge of transporting your bike is a common hurdle. A practical solution is using a dirt bike carrier that attaches to the rear of your vehicle. But is it feasible to put a dirt bike carrier on a car? Let’s explore this question and recommend some options from MotoTote's line of carriers - the m3, Max, and Max Dual Motorcycle carrier.

Understanding the Basics

Not all cars are equipped to handle a dirt bike carrier. The feasibility largely depends on the vehicle’s towing capacity and the hitch receiver size. Most carriers require a Class III or IV hitch receiver, typically found on SUVs, trucks, and some crossovers. However, even some compact cars and sedans might come with suitable hitch receivers, allowing them to carry lighter bikes and carriers.

Key Considerations

When deciding to attach a dirt bike carrier to your car, keep the following in mind:

  • Vehicle Hitch Receiver: Ensure your car has a 2" hitch receiver with an adequate towing capacity.
  • Carrier Weight Limit: Select a carrier that can support your dirt bike's weight without surpassing the car's towing capacity.
  • Vehicle Towing Capacity: It's essential to verify your vehicle's towing capacity to ensure it can handle the combined weight of the bike and the carrier. If unsure, MotoTote provides a helpful Vehicle Fit Calculator on our website. Use it to determine if your car can safely support your setup by visiting MotoTote's Vehicle Fit Calculator.
  • Legal Requirements: Ensure compliance with visibility laws for the license plate and taillights, and check if auxiliary lights or license plate holders are necessary.

MotoTote Recommendations

MotoTote m3: The MotoTote m3 can carry dirt bikes up to 500 lbs, making it suitable for most single dirt bikes. Its lightweight design minimizes strain on your vehicle's suspension. 

MotoTote Max: For those needing a more robust solution, the MotoTote Max accommodates heavier bikes, supporting up to 600 lbs. Designed for vehicles with stronger towing capabilities, it's a great match for crossovers and durable sedans with the right hitch. 

MotoTote Max Dual Motorcycle Carrier: The MotoTote Max Dual is designed for adventure enthusiasts wanting to transport two dirt bikes. With a capacity of 600 lbs per bike, this carrier requires a vehicle with a substantial towing capacity, typically SUVs and trucks, to manage the weight of the bikes and carrier.

Yes, putting a dirt bike carrier on a car is possible, provided your vehicle meets the necessary hitch receiver and towing capacity requirements. MotoTote offers a variety of carriers to fit different needs and vehicle capabilities. From the m3 to the robust Max and Max Dual carriers, selecting the right match ensures safe and convenient transport for your dirt bike. Always adhere to safety and legal requirements for a trouble-free journey to your next off-road adventure.