Are Double Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Safe?

Are Double Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Safe?

Are you considering a double motorcycle carrier or dual motorcycle carrier for your next adventure or track day? These innovative transportation solutions, perfect for father-son dirt bike days or friends heading to the track, offer convenience and efficiency. However, safety is a paramount concern when using a double motorcycle carrier or dual motorcycle carrier. MotoTote is committed to your safety and satisfaction, providing essential tips and recommendations for using these carriers effectively.


Understanding Vehicle Towing Capacity & Motorcycle Weight

The safety of your double motorcycle carrier or dual motorcycle carrier largely depends on the combination of your vehicle's towing capacity and the total weight of the motorcycles. To avoid any risk, the combined weight of the bikes should not exceed 600 lbs for these carriers. Furthermore, if the combined weight reaches this maximum limit, ensure your vehicle's towing capacity exceeds 7000 lbs to handle the load and dynamic stresses safely.

Vehicle & Hitch Compatibility Checks

Before using a double motorcycle carrier, it’s crucial to check your vehicle's specifications against the requirements of the carrier. The hitch type, condition, and class are essential factors that determine the safety of your transport. Also, ensuring your vehicle's suspension, brakes, and tires are in excellent condition is crucial for the safe transportation of your motorcycles on a dual motorcycle carrier.

Proper Installation & Secure Loading

For both double motorcycle carriers and dual motorcycle carriers, correct installation and secure loading are non-negotiable for safe transportation. Ensure the carrier is properly attached to your vehicle’s hitch and that both motorcycles are balanced and securely strapped to prevent any movement during the journey. Regular stops to check the security of the load are advised during long trips.


If you're in the market for a reliable double motorcycle carrier, consider the MotoTote Max and Max+ Dual Carriers. Designed with safety, stability, and durability in mind, these carriers are an excellent choice for transporting your motorcycles. We encourage reviewing their specifications to ensure they meet your transport needs and are compatible with your vehicle.

Double motorcycle carriers and dual motorcycle carriers are excellent solutions for riders looking to transport their motorcycles safely and efficiently. By adhering to proper weight distribution, vehicle capacity, and secure loading practices, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. MotoTote's Max and Max+ Dual Carriers are designed for riders seeking a reliable and safe transportation solution. Remember, safety is crucial, so take the necessary precautions to ensure your double motorcycle carrier journey is successful and secure.