Maximizing Work Travel with Motorcycles

Honda Grom Wheelie
Avid rider, photographer, videographer and self titled “single father of a Yamaha R1 & a Honda Grom”, Kyle (@staticrider), lives for his days on and off road with his two hot, hard headed children.

While he lives and works in British Colombia, Canada, his work often requires travel which he now takes as opportunities to ride new roads.

By equipping his Jeep Grand Cherokee with a MotoTote he’s “business in the front and party in the back”; working by day and taking his bike out by night to ride all throughout British Columbia.

Honda Grom Hitch Mount Motorcycle Carrier
Yamaha R1 On Sport Motorcycle Carrier

Outside of these adventures, he’s found some of his favorite riding with his MotoTote through the ice field parkways/epic views of the Rocky Mountains, the technical roads/endless turns of California and the desert, off road trails of Kamloops, BC.

With his MotoTote, Kyle has been able to avoid trailer storage and insurance fees. He says, “I just load up and hit the road!” He also mentions that he has been able to save friends who have had roadside trouble with their bikes and has had safer travels with the LED light kit.

Yamaha R1 Rides in Big Sur

Kyle looks forward to more adventures soon, planning his strike to California soon. To follow more of Kyle’s journey you can follow him online on YouTube or on Instagram.