Sport Motorcycle Carrier - Overview

Our trusted sport bike, scrambler and dual sport motorcycle carrier assembled in Texas. Weighing only 60 lbs. and hauling motorcycles up to 600 lbs., it offers outstanding structural efficiency with adjustable parts; a stabilizing front wheel chock, a webbed tire track for wider sized tires, a broad front tie down arm with a patented design, an elongated loading ramp and a stabilizing single bolt connection to vehicles. Trust our track record and enjoy the ride with the MotoTote Sport.


MTX Platform

Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports chock, track, orientation, and distance from vehicle adjustability, alongside the attachment of innovative components.

StableStop Chock Wide

One piece tire mount locks front tires up to 5" (125 mm) wide into chock, maximizes support, and holds the bike upright while securing tie-downs.

WebGrip Track

Woven steel track reduces carrier weight, secures rear tires up to 8.5" (215 mm) and accommodates up to a 65" (165 cm) wheelbase.

BroadPull+ Arm (Front)

Patented front tie-down arm provides main support for motorcycle stabilization. Rear tie down arm prevents rear tire from bouncing out of track.

EasyLoad Ramp

A long webbed steel ramp increases tire's traction and eases the loading angle. Ramp hooks into tire track and will not disengage during loading.

ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount

Upgraded single-bolt hitch mount installs quickly, requires fewer tools and eliminates rack movement in transport.

Dimensions & Specifications

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (272 kgs.)

Tire Widths: 5" (125 mm) Front, 8.5" (215 mm) Rear

Track Length: 74" - 80" (188 cm - 203 cm)

Loading Ramp Length: 56.5" (144 cm)

Wheelbase: Up to 65" (165 cm)

Carrier Weight: 60 lbs. (27 kgs.)

MotoTote Sport Motorcycle Carrier Customer
John - MotoTote Customer

"I had a cheap carrier but I did not trust it with my sport bike, then bought a great box trailer, but then got tired of hauling trailer to track days, with extra gas, bridge tolls for trailers, and having to drive 55 with a trailer. Now I have 1500 Ram Van with MotoTote for ZX10R. Love it!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Solid carrier.

Skeptical at first but now that I've used it a handful of times, I'm a believer.

Ashley Bolster
Amazing Product

I purchased the Sport Motorcycle Hitch Carrier to move my Z650RS (weight approx 412 pounds) across country (2400 miles) from NY to AZ. I installed the hitch carrier to my 4Runner, the zero wobble hitch worked great as there was no sway when driving, even at 80+ miles/hr at some points. The only issue I had with installing is with step 2, attaching the MTX platform to square tube, I would recommend using the torque wrench to complete this step as it took some elbow grease to get it secure and so that it didn't move. When ordering the product I also ordered the sport bike tie down bundle, easy to install and held the bike firmly in place. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid product to haul their bike.

Pavel Catalin
Best product

Everything was perfect…..the product and the delivery services…..unfortunaly in Europe we can not find this kind of motorcycle hutch carrier!

Carl DiPaolo
nice rack!

my wife assembled and installed it -- super solid. the rack is nice too. quality parts, finish and hardware. installed the LED light package -- a must. would recommend to anyone.

Laila Amerman
Simply amazing

This is incredible. Super easy to install (20min) loaded and left for a 1600 mile trip carrying my r6. Stable over all terrain even unpaved roads, easy to load and unload solo. Worth every penny. Honestly better than my flatbed trailer.

Mark Fusselman
Great carrier

Great product. Solidly built. Everything fit exactly.

Jake Goodson
Decent but disappointing

I’ve spent the same amount that I spent on this rack on regular bike racks, and they work perfectly. They don’t shake. I didn’t have to put them together! They even fold up and out-of-the-way when not in use! This thing had shit directions, was a total pain in the ass to put together… because the parts didn’t fit together and still don’t and its clangy and not solid at all. This is not one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They’re lucky I gave them two Stars.

We're sorry to hear about your not-so-good experience with the MotoTote Sport hitch carrier.
We'd like to point out that the Sport is not a bike rack: It is a carrier for motorcycles weighing up to 600 lbs. If it's shaking then it's not assembled and installed correctly - here are the instructions - We don't know of a 600 lbs capacity motorcycle carrier that folds up 'and out-of-the-way when not in use!'.

Leonard Hurst
Awesome Carrier

Worth the price of admittance. Designed light and strong, hard combination to get right. Went with the sport+, needed rear tire width and wheelbase length.

Realistic review

Mototote: when front tires gets into wheel choke it gets over a metal tube so front tire stays in place. Now here is the problem when unloading a heavy bike yourself, you have to push from the front of the bike but can’t be at the same time on the side of the bike so this causes two people to be involve one to pushes from front while other makes sure when you push it out of the choke it does not tilt and fall.

So design change should be made to have this metal tube removable not welded.

2nd problem: Zero wobble kit is not 100% zero wobble it still wobbles slightly even after fully tightening. The quality of the bolt is also not good. The grooves starts to round off making much harder to tighten.

That’s why 2 stars are take off.

Hi Mo, Thanks for the feedback!
- You are correct that the Sport front tire back stop is not movable. This is because the Sport was designed for sport bikes that have pretty consistent front rim diameters. The m3, Max and Max+ carriers do have movable/adjustable back stops.
- There should be no wobbling side to side if the ZeroWobble+ is installed correctly. Flexing of the steel structure of the carrier is normal. Straight up and down movement is also normal as mentioned in Step 5 of the instructions here -
- The ZeroWobble+ includes a Grade 8 (hardened) bolt and hardened steel barrel nut. If they are wearing irregularly, we'd be interested in seeing that and will gladly replace the parts free of charge.

Purchase of Sport Moto Hitch

Ordered, came in right away. Had shipper contact me to verify address info. Great. Easy to install. Tested on several motorcycles. Easy to load/unload and store. I like the design of the Sport tubing versus the metal type carriers.

To improve on product, trailer lights should be standard for safety reasons. It's a must as the cycle blocks tail lights of vehicle. A lock mechanism would be nice. The way around that would be to use a cable lock to your trailer hitch. Very satisfied.