Tie Down Warnings

Failure to comply with these safety instructions may result in injury or death and/or loss of load.

  •  Only trained, knowledgeable personnel should use tie downs. Refer to federal, state or provincial regulations and industry standards for proper tie down methods.
  • Know your load. Use the appropriate type and number of tie downs for your load. Do not under-restrain load.
  • Never exceed working load limit (WLL) rating.
  • Examine strap. Do not use a strap that is cut, abraded, knotted degraded or damaged in any way.
  • Avoid strap damage: protect strap from sharp edges, protrusions, chemicals and abrasive or hot surfaces. Pull hardware in a straight line. Do not power wash-straps.
  • Be sure load is stable before tightening or releasing tie down. Periodically re-check for security and tightness.
  • Never use straps for lifting, lowering, or towing.
  • Store out of direct sun and away from damaging chemicals when not in use.