Step 7

Securing Motorcycle to MotoTote

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(A.) Grab a Helping Hand

While loading and unloading your MotoTote can easily be a one-person job, having a helping hand for the first time ensures the safety of you and your motorcycle.

(B.) Secure Handlebars to Front Tie Down Arm

Depending on how you planned your tie-down process, connect the other end of the tie-down to either the tiedown loop on the MotoTote or to the handlebars on your motorcycle.We recommend connecting the inner one first, as it will support the bike and allow you to more easily complete the tie-down process. Alternate back and forth while tightening until the bike is secured and centered. Tie off excess straps for safety and security.

(C.) Secure Back of Bike to Rear Tie Down Loops

With a single tie down or an AceBikes Tyrefix (in the video), tie the strap directly over the back tire and tighten.The main objective here is to keep the rear tire from bouncing out of the track. For a scooter, you can go over the seat or luggage rack.

(D.) Stow Loading Ramp for Transport

Lift and detach the loading ramp from the tire track.Place in dedicated position on ramp keeper tab and linchpin receiver post. Insert the linchpin and flip to secure.Double-check your work! The likeliest mishap is a tie-down error.You are now ready to roll!

For a PDF/printable manual for all MTX carriers, click here.