Step 3 & 4

Attaching Loading Ramp to Carrier

Viewing instructions for Max, Max+ Duals

(A.) Mount the Ramp Keeper Tab

Locate the holes on the receiver tube, behind the rear track. Place the ramp tab in line with the linch pin receiver post on the tie down arm shown in the diagram.Secure with a bolt, washer and nut. Tighten in place.

(B.) Stow the Loading Ramp

To stow the loading ramp for transport, place it next to the tire track on top of the ramp keeper tab and the linch pin receiver post.

(C.) Secure with Linchpin and Lanyard

To secure the loading ramp, tether the lanyard to the loading ramp with the supplied key ring, insert linch pin through the receiver post and then fold down the snap ring.

(D.) Secure Wheel Stop & Tighten

Now, tighten the nuts that you previously hand tightened onto the two bolts under the front wheelstop.Tighten all nuts and bolts snugly to minimize rattling - Do not over tighten.NOTE: Max Dual parts shown but procedure is the same for Max+ Dual.

For a PDF/printable manual for Max/Max+ Dual carriers, click here.