Why a Front Mounted Motorcycle Carrier Might Be Right for You

Why a Front Mounted Motorcycle Carrier Might Be Right for You

When it comes to choosing where to position your MotoTote motorcycle carrier, your decision should revolve around your unique set of variables. One often-overlooked but potentially advantageous option is the front mount. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of a front-mounted motorcycle carrier and how it can be the perfect choice depending on your specific needs, vehicle, and travel plans.

Front Mount Motorcycle Carrier:


  1. Easy Access to the Back of Your Vehicle: If you're traveling in a camper van or an SUV and frequently require access to the rear of your vehicle, a front-mounted motorcycle carrier could be a game-changer. Unlike rear mounts that may obstruct your rearview or tailgate, front mounts allow you to access your vehicle's rear without unloading your motorcycle.

  2. Trailer Compatibility: Placing your motorcycle at the front of your vehicle opens up the possibility of towing a trailer. This is especially useful for those who need to transport additional gear or equipment alongside their motorcycle. However, it's important to note that towing should always stay within the towing limits of your vehicle.

  3. Visibility: Having a motorcycle on the front of the vehicle makes it easy to keep an eye on it during your journey. While it's not a requirement, the added visibility can provide peace of mind, knowing that your motorcycle is securely mounted and safe.

  4. Improved Vehicle Balancing: When using a front-mounted motorcycle carrier, the weight of the motorcycle is distributed towards the front of the vehicle. This can contribute to improved vehicle balancing, especially if your motorcycle is heavy. The added weight over the front wheels can enhance traction and stability, making your vehicle more predictable and safe to drive, especially in slippery or uneven road conditions.

  5. Easier Parking in Some Cases: Front-mounted carriers can also make parking easier in certain situations. Since the motorcycle is positioned at the front of the vehicle, it doesn't extend beyond the rear, making it simpler to fit into parking spaces. This can be particularly advantageous in crowded parking lots that have dividers between spaces.

  6. Additional Clearance: Due to the front-mounted position, the front tires of your vehicle are often closer to the front bumper than the rear tires are to the rear bumper. This can provide additional clearance when navigating steep driveways, speed bumps, or off-road terrain. It reduces the risk of the front bumper scraping on obstacles and provides more flexibility in handling various road conditions.


  1. Vehicle Compatibility: It's crucial to note that not all vehicles are compatible with front-mounted carriers. Before opting for this setup, ensure your vehicle has the necessary mounting points and towing capacity to support a front-mounted motorcycle carrier. Failure to do so could lead to safety issues and damage to your vehicle or motorcycle.

Front-mounted motorcycle carriers offer a unique set of advantages, from easy rear access to improved visibility and the option to tow a trailer. However, vehicle compatibility remains a critical factor in the decision-making process. If your vehicle meets the requirements for a front-mounted carrier, it can be an excellent choice, enhancing your overall travel experience and convenience on the road. Always prioritize safety and compatibility when selecting the right motorcycle carrier for your vehicle.