MotoTote Mini: Electric Bike Rack with 200 lbs. Capacity

MotoTote Mini Bike Rack for Super 73 Electric Bikes

It’s hard to miss the popularity of electric bikes , with their ability to go further, faster, easier.

Since their initial adoption, e bikes have continued to evolve. With increases in power, range, speed and style, electric bikes have transformed into a new tool for transportation – blurring the lines between traditional bikes and small motorcycles.

Many new styles of ebikes have emerged from electric motorbikes (Super 73, Ariel Rider, Juiced, Monday, Onyx), electric dirt bikes (Surron, Segway), to electric fat tire bikes (Sondors, RadPower, Juiced, Pedego, M2S), and more. Largely due to advancements in battery and motor technology heavier bikes are no longer a burden, but instead an advantage; more range, more speed, and less pedaling.

While the electric bike/ebike has changed drastically, the bike rack industry has not. These larger electric bikes simply cannot be supported by a typical bike rack - additional weight support is needed. After a year of development, we are excited to announce the first heavy duty ebike rack for electric bikes and electric motorbikes.

 Introducing the MotoTote Mini, designed from over 20 years of experience in developing and hauling up to 600 lbs. of motorcycle with hitch mounted carriers. This scaled down design is a tried and trusted mini/e bike derivative from our heavy-duty motorcycle racks, that has helped riders worldwide discover new roads combining new features with our trusted technologies.


New MTM Platform

An extremely strong, lighter weight structural support optimizes ebike rack to haul larger electric bikes up to 200 lbs. while keeping the e bike rack weight to 28 lbs. Multiple mounting locations support track/chock adjustability and the attachment of innovative components. Easily connects to standard 2” receivers.

New Max Hold Mini Tire Holder

A deep V scaled down laser cut tire holder wedges electric bike rear tire sizes up to 5” wide and can be moved to adjust the e bike rack up to a 52" wheelbase.

Resized SteadyStop Wheel Chock

An adjustable front tire mount secures electric bike tires up to 5" wide, adds lateral support, and holds electric bikes upright in ebike rack while securing tie-downs.

Tried & Trusted BroadPull Arms

Two wide tie-down arms optimize strap angles and improve leverage to offer maximum stability for electric bikes on the e bike rack while in transit.

Tried & Trusted ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount

Upgraded mounting hardware eliminates rack and electric bike movement laterally in transport and has an integrated handle that minimizes tools to ease rack installation process.

Coming Soon: Multiple E Bike Adaptable

Additional add on kit will utilize the existing components from a single rack with additional tracks to haul up to 3 electric bikes. Includes flip up feature to minimize length off the back of vehicle when electric bikes are not attached. Additional 120 lbs. supported per each bike. Coming in 2022.


The MotoTote Mini is the strongest e bike rack for electric bikes on the market, overbuilt to confidently support any ebike up to 200 lbs, instead of below or at the limit around 65 to 70 lbs. per bike. Also as part of its differences, it requires tie downs to secure the e bike.

While this is unique for the traditional bike rack industry, it is with reason. In testing other bike & ebike racks, we found serious limitations in many tire and bike holding mechanisms. So much so that over the course of our testing, the dynamic loads (from starts and stops) paired with the heavier weight caused our electric bikes to wobble, loosen, and slip off the rack in transit.

Over our 20 years in creating tie down systems for motorcycles up to 600 lbs., we have never experienced a bike slipping off a rack. We believe tie down systems offer maximum flexibility and stability for a variety of bike sizes, which translates to a secure fit and additional safety on the road. It also means more confidence for you, keeping your eyes on the road, instead of your electric bikes & rack.

To find tie downs for your electric bike, virtually any system will work. We have a full range of options from rachets to special tire holders and more. At a minimum we recommend our Basic Tie Down Kit. These attach easily to any MotoTote bike rack. The MotoTote Mini is proudly designed and manufactured in Texas and will begin shipping September 15, 2021 for $479.99.

All MotoTote Mini e bike racks for electric bikes include a one year warranty from the date of retail purchase, covering defects in material or workmanship. We also offer free returns on any products for returned within 15 days of from delivery date.