Introducing MotoTote's Innovative Tie Downs for Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

Introducing MotoTote's Innovative Tie Downs for Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

We're excited to bring you the latest innovation in motorcycle transportation – our brand-new tie-down solutions, designed exclusively for motorcycle hitch carriers. Meet the SafeLoop Cam Buckle and the SafeLoop Ratcheting Tie Downs – two game-changing products available now that are set to redefine how you secure your motorcycles during transit.

At MotoTote, we understand the paramount importance of safety and convenience when it comes to transporting your beloved motorcycles on hitch carriers. Traditional tie-down methods, while effective, can often be cumbersome and time-consuming. That's where our SafeLoop tie downs come into play, designed with motorcycle carriers and riders like you in mind.

Our SafeLoop Tie Downs are a breakthrough for motorcycle carriers, boasting innovative features that simplify the securing process and enhance safety:

  1. Designed for Motorcycle Carriers: Unlike generic tie downs, the SafeLoop Cam Buckle Tie Downs were purpose-built with motorcycle hitch carriers in mind. They come equipped with a soft loop and carabiner S hook system that securely locks the strap in place without causing any harm to your precious handlebars. They also have a carabiner S hook on the attachment points on the carrier, which ease and improve the tie down experience.
  2. Effortless Strap Management: We've integrated a strap management system that ensures excess strap length remains securely held down. This means no more hassle dealing with loose straps flapping in the wind, creating a cleaner and safer setup.
  3. Optimized Lengths: The lengths of these tie downs have been meticulously optimized for use with motorcycle carriers, reducing excess material and clutter, and enhancing the overall user experience.

The tie downs come in two variations, a cam buckle and ratcheting version.

Cam Buckle Tie-Downs:

  • Utilize a cam buckle mechanism.
  • Operated by pulling the strap through the buckle and tightening by pulling the strap.
  • Offer quick and straightforward tightening with minimal effort.

Ratcheting Tie-Downs: 

  • Employ a ratcheting mechanism.
  • Require an effortless back-and-forth motion to ratchet the strap tight, usually using a handle or lever.
  • Provide precise tension control and the ability to incrementally tighten the strap, offering a more secure and customizable fit.

At MotoTote, we're committed to your safety and convenience. Our new tie downs, the SafeLoop Cam Buckle and the SafeLoop Ratcheting Tie Downs, represent the next level of innovation in motorcycle transportation. Whether you prefer the simplicity and effectiveness of the Cam Buckle Tie Downs or the precision and control of the Ratcheting Tie Downs, we've got you covered.

Say goodbye to the hassles of conventional tie-down methods and embrace the future of motorcycle transportation with MotoTote's SafeLoop tie downs. Your motorcycle and your peace of mind will thank you.