Kyle's (@staticrider) Yamaha R1 & MotoTote Max+

Kyle's (@staticrider) Yamaha R1 & MotoTote Max+

Meet Kyle, known in the motorcycle world as @staticrider. Residing in the picturesque British Columbia, Canada, Kyle isn't just an enthusiast; he's a connoisseur of the biker lifestyle. A skilled rider, accomplished photographer, and creative videographer, he proudly claims the title of "single father of a Yamaha R1 & a Honda Grom." These bikes aren't mere vehicles for Kyle; they represent a journey of thrill and freedom.

Kyle's expertise in motorcycle hauling is deeply intertwined with his use of the MotoTote Max+, our premier motorcycle hitch carrier. As a seasoned user and advocate, Kyle's relationship with the MotoTote Max+ goes beyond functionality; it's about reliability and trust built over numerous voyages.


The Perfect Setup: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Yamaha R1, and MotoTote Max+

Kyle's hauling setup is a beacon for motorcycle enthusiasts. His Jeep Grand Cherokee serves as the stalwart base for his expeditions, carrying his beloved Yamaha R1. The critical link in this setup is the MotoTote Max+, the motorcycle hitch carrier that has become synonymous with safety and ease for Kyle. This carrier isn't just a tool; it's a key part of his adventurous narrative.

Kyle's talents extend to capturing the essence of his rides through photography and videography. His social media channels are a visual diary, chronicling his journeys and the unbridled joy of riding. 

Each trip for Kyle is an opportunity to explore new territories and craft new stories. His professional commitments might take him to various locales, but they also serve as a gateway to pursue his riding passions. The dependability of his MotoTote Max+, the ultimate motorcycle hitch carrier, allows him to immerse in his riding adventures without a worry.

Kyle's life is a fusion of speed, adventure, and artistry. His MotoTote Max+, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Yamaha R1, and Honda Grom are not just accessories; they are chapters of his life on the road. For those inspired by the motorcycle lifestyle, Kyle @staticrider is a living testament to the joys of riding, underpinned by the trust and functionality of the MotoTote Max+, the motorcycle hitch carrier that redefines road journeys.